These Are the 40 Most Expensive Things the Kardashians Have Bought for Their Kids

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When it comes to spoiling their kids, the Kardashian sisters are on another planet. From larger-than-life birthday party theme parks to diamond earrings, fur coats, sneaker collections, playhouses, and mini-cars, this famous clan knows how to celebrate in style. So, prepare to pick your jaws up off the floor because we’ve rounded up 40 of the most expensive gifts the Kardashians have bought their kids.

Christmas List

With North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm, Stormi, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, the Kardashian sisters almost have enough kids to make up a whole football team. Can you imagine making a Christmas list for that lot? And speaking of Christmas…

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British newspaper Daily Mail reported that Kim and Kanye “treated their four kids to gifts worth millions of pounds in the festive period just passed.” Their article stated, “North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm received expensive jewelry, electric cars, must-have toys, and much more.”

North’s Baby Bling

Can you imagine getting a $50,000 gift before you can even walk and talk properly? Well, Kim Kardashian proved that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend by splashing out an eye-watering amount for some bona fide baby bling. The diamond studs came from Lorraine Schwartz’s collection.

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The renowned jewelry designer said, “They were a gift for North’s first birthday. They are approximately a half carat each.” Are diamond earrings magnetic? If so, do you think she’d point North West? Ha! Get it?


For Stormi’s second birthday, Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott gave their daughter a party she’ll never forget. Mom and Dad created a truly terrifying carnival experience called StormiWorld. The surprise mega birthday party ad one-day-only popup custom theme park cost them a cool $100,000.

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The personalized theme park included a huge inflatable slide with a model of Stormi’s head, carnival rides, personalized merchandise, games, and a live performance from “Baby Shark” for Stormi and her friends. You’re singing “Baby Shark” now, arent you? Sorry about that.

True Truly Loves Balloons

Everybody loves balloons… except cats. And everyone loves a helium-filled balloon, especially Khloé Kardashian. The TV personality and entrepreneur spent a hair-raising $8,500 on 1,200 to 2,000 individual latex balloons for her daughter True Thompson’s first birthday party.

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All About Balloons CEO Caity Byrne, who’s created balloon displays for the White House, told People magazine, “An installation of that size takes balloons in all of those colors in five different sizes of each.” Five different sizes? Wow! We’d have done it for half that price!

North’s Seventh Birthday

Luxury flows in the Kardashian-Jenner DNA like gold through a Californian hill in the 1849 Gold Rush. So, Kim and Kanye West gave North a golden seventh birthday… in Wyoming. Kim, Kourtney, Kylie Jenner, and all their kids traveled northeast to Kanye’s ranch to celebrate their daughter’s special day.

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North and the rest of the clan got to play with ponies and puppies, drive go-karts in the sunshine, and watch a firework display to rival July 4th!

Easter Party

Kris Jenner spared no expense for her grandchildren’s 2021 Easter party. While most of us are lucky to traipse around the yard looking for a chocolate Easter egg, Grandma hired the real Easter Bunny to treat the Kar-Jenner cousins. To compete with the nightmarish StormiWorld, Gran thought about hiring the scary rabbit from Donnie Darko but decided against it.

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The kid’s day also featured a real-life petting zoo, complete with real bunnies and a traditional egg hunt. All the children went home with a giant Easter basket full to the brim with chocolate and toys. The baskets stood taller than the children!

True Troll-Themed Party

In April 2020, Khloé Kardashian and her partner Tristan Thompson couldn’t throw a huge party for their daughter True’s second birthday. But, they did manage to give her a special day to remember with a Trolls-themed quarantine party.

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The party had everything a normal kid’s party would feature — balloons and Trolls cakes served on paper plates. However, this celebration was lathered with the added luxury of an ice cream parlor, dolls, bikes, and mini-cars. More on those mini-cars in a moment…

Dream’s Dream Birthday

The Kardashian sisters might hog all the limelight, but let’s not forget that Rob has a little one of his own. He shares a daughter Dream Renée Kardashian with his ex-girlfriend, model Blac Chyna. And Dream’s fourth birthday really was a Dream come True — which is a rather confusing sentence since True is one of her cousins!

(Top) Instagram // khloekardashian | (Bottom Left) Instagram // @kourtneykardash | (Bottom Middle) Instagram // @robkardashianofficial | (Bottom Right) Instagram // @kourtneykardash

Dream wore a purple unicorn outfit, Kourtney transformed into Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother while Kris Jenner dressed as Snow White. The Disney-themed party featured a Beauty and the Beast castle cake plus Cinderella, Rapunzel, Moana, Ariel, and Belle balloons.

Stormi’s Sneaker Collection

Kylie Jenner has been building Stormi’s impressive shoe collection since her daughter was born. In 2021, the cosmetics queen took to Instagram to post her daughter’s vast sneaker collection. At the time, the three-year-old boasted 17 pairs of Nikes — including mini Air Jordans, Nike Dunks, Off-White x Rubber Dunks, and Stussy x Air Force 1s, and even a pair of her Dad’s Travis Scott x Jordan 4 Cactus Jacks!

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Kylie wrote, “My girl is so spoiled.” But, some called the proud mom’s display “insensitive,” reminding Jenner that some children are lucky “to have one decent pair of shoes.”

Stormi’s Louis Vuitton Bags

The Kardashian sisters love their designer handbags and — because children always, always emulate their parents — so do their kids. Begging the question, where does it all end? When the Kardashian kids own every designer handbag in the world? Where are the rest of us meant to store our Kylie Jenner makeup collection?

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When Kylie’s daughter Stormi was just 14 months old, her mom bought her a set of customized Louis Vuitton duffel bags featuring the infant’s name. According to People magazine, each piece starts at $3,850, so the collection cost Kylie tens of thousands of dollars.

Auntie Kim’s Louis Vuitton Bags

Even the Kardashians have to keep up with the Joneses. Kim brought home mini Louis Vuitton bags for her daughters following a business trip to Japan. The main Kardashian attraction flew to the far-eastern country shortly after her son Psalm West was born in May 2019.

(Left) Instagram // @kyliejenner | (Right) Instagram // @kimkardashian

But, Kim K’s generosity didn’t end there. Auntie Kim also bought bags from the French luxury fashion house home for her nieces, costing $4,960.

North’s Designer Bag Collection

Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West used to step out like a tiny toddler fashionista. But, now she took to Tik Tok to give her fans a chance to get up close and personal with her impressive array of handbags. Yes, that’s what the world has come to, folks — a 10-year-old giving her fans a dazzling tour of her collection of bags.

(Left) TikTok // @kimkardashian | (Right) Instagram // @peopletalkru

She posted, “These are my bags.” Just a few of the bags that the little one boasts are a chic Christian Dior saddlebag and a quirky Judith Leiber pepperoni pizza clutch, which sells for a cool $5,965.

North’s Hermès Birkin Bag

North’s most expensive bag has to be a Hermès Birkin Bag that her mom bought her. Probably because Aunt Kylie collects Birkin bags, you see. The tiny tot showed off the special edition bag, which cost north of $35,000 in New York, while modeling her winter whites collection — custom mini Skims ensemble, white boots, and pearl necklace.

Facebook // HuntStreet Singapore

Named after English-French actress and singer Jane Birkin, Hermès Birkin Bags are so prized that one has to join a six-year waiting list from the French luxury goods manufacturer.

Stormi’s Cinderella Carriage

Travis Scott proved his daughter Stormi really is a princess by gifting her a bejeweled Cinderella carriage worth $6,000. The white and pink carriage looks like something straight out of a Disney film, and Dad had even laid out a collection of Disney princess outfits on the pink cushions, which sat under a sign reading “Princess Stormi” in Disney’s font.

Instagram // @kyliejenner

In shelling out all that money, Travis not only proved that Stormi is a daddy’s little princess, but he was also saying, “You shall go to the ball.”

Stormi’s Pony

As well as being a Disney Princess, every little girl dreams of having a pony. Luckily the Kar-Jenner fam loves horses and glamching. It’s a bit like glamping but with glamorous ranching. Kylie gifted her daughter a $200,000 white pony called Frozen.

Instagram // @kyliejenner

At least now we know how she’ll get her Cinderella carriage to the ball on time! Not that these kids need horses and carriages to get about town in 2023…

True Thompson’s Parking Garage

The Kardashian sisters all have their own car collections, and they’ve even bought their kids miniature versions of their cars on multiple occasions. Khloé’s daughter True Thompson also has an impressive car collection. By the age of four, True owned two miniature Bentleys — the first is sparkling pink, while the other is white.

Netflix // Keeping Up with the Kardashians

True also owns a white Mercedes SUV, a white Hummer, and a black Mercedes. The mini-cars cost upwards of $2,000 each, and the four-year-old has so many cars, she needed her own parking garage to store them all!

Stormi’s Car Collection

When Stormi Webster was 10 months old, her mom Kylie surprised her with a pink Louis Vuitton Lamborghini. And for Christmas, her mom spoiled her even more by buying her daughter a $460 black mini convertible Lamborghini covered in Louis Vuitton logos, no doubt adding to the cost.

Instagram // @kyliejenner

Kylie posted a photo of the car on Instagram with the wording, “Like mother, like daughter.” This new Lambo was in addition to the red Ferarri convertible she already owned.

Chicago’s Mini Neon Mercedes G-Wagon

It’s not just diamond earrings the Kardashian kids receive. Their parents treat them to all sorts of extravagant gifts. After Kanye gifted Kim a custom-made $240,000 neon lime Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, they thought their daughter Chicago deserved an SUV… for her first birthday!

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So, they bought Chicago a perfect mini replica of Kim’s neon Mercedes G-Wagon costing over $10,000. Apparently, she passed her driving test on her second birthday!

Stormi’s Playhouse

It’s not just the Kardashian sisters that spoil the kids rotten. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a tough job even for Grandma, so Kris Jenner decided to take gift-buying for her grandkids to a whole other level. She gifted her granddaughter Stormi Webster a custom-made, two-story playhouse — and it’s not just any playhouse.

YouTube // Kylie Jenner

It’s bigger than most Los Angeles apartments. Stormi’s sanctuary has air conditioning, a faux-fur carpeted loft, and a whopping price tag of $100,000. Again, we’d have done it for half that price.

Kourtney’s Kid’s Playhouse

While Stormi’s playhouse is impressive, in the words of The Hudsucker Proxy’s Norville Barnes, it’s “You know… for kids.” Kourtney’s ex-Scott Disick has his own house-flipping show on the E! Network called Flip it Like Disick and used his DIY skills to create a luxury playhouse for his three children fit for, you know… adults to actually live in.

YouTube // Architectural Digest

The ultra-impressive playhouse takes up half the garden. Screen Rant stated it cost $100,000 and was inspired by a Mexican design Scott saw in Forbes magazine.

True’s Playhouse

No wonder their show is called Keeping Up With the Kardashians — the sisters spend most of their time keeping up with each other. Not to be outdone by her sisters, Khloé forked out a similar amount for True’s playhouse. The backyard playhouse features a kitchen, hardwood floors, a play area, and a loft and balcony accessed by a ladder.

Instagram // @khloekardashian

Outside the dream house is a swing set and trampoline, just in case True and her nine cousins get bored of being cooped up in a playhouse that’s bigger, better equipped, and more luxurious than most people’s real houses!

Stormi’s Fendi Stroller

After announcing the birth of Stormi in 2018, Kylie Jenner shared a photo of herself in a chic Fendi dress, pushing her daughter in a matching Fendi stroller and matching diaper bag.

Instagram // @kyliejenner

Daily Mail reported that the stroller retails for $9,990 on Fendi’s website, while the diaper bag comes in at $7,390. Kylie’s post was accompanied by a caption, “New stroller and diaper bag. The [stuff] that excites me now.”

Trendy Fendi

Khloé recently showed off her daughter is a chip off the old block because True seems to love Fendi products just as much as her mom and aunties. She posted photos of her little one rocking a trendy Fendi look. She sported $500 Fendi combat boots, a fuzzy sweater, and a $1,500 mini-Louis Vuitton bag.

Instagram // @khloekardashian

The toddler also sported an Indiana Jones-style fedora hat to complete the stylish wardrobe. The same year, True was spotted wearing a $750 Fendi belt bag and a $495 Nicole Rose 14-karat diamond open-heart pendant.

North’s Disco Ball Dress

Kim and North looked like a couple of disco balls when they appeared wearing matching mirrored sequin Vetements dresses. Kim’s dresses were a snip at just $12,000, and the mother and daughter team wore them to Kanye’s Pablo concert at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

Kim’s dress was a skin-tight silver dress with long sleeves. Mom wore some skyscraper stiletto high highs, but Nori rocked a pair of Vans sneakers. While dressing Nori, Kim reportedly said, “Disco’s here, and disco’s there.”

Chicago’s Louis Vuitton Music Box

In 2019, Grandma Kris Jenner bought her granddaughter Chicago West, also known as Chi, a Louis Vuitton Music box for her first birthday. The extremely rare $3,650 Louis Vuitton Vivienne Music box features the iconic LV monogram canvas and a delicate Vivienne figurine dancing to the music when opened.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

Let’s just hope she doesn’t break it! Referring to her mom’s generous gift, Kim Kardashian told People magazine, “How cute is my mom? For Chi’s birthday, she got her this!”

North’s Fur Coat

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to show off her daughter’s style and brag about North West’s “swag.” The tiny toddler expertly rocked a big fur coat over a sweatshirt, jeans, and white Chuck Taylor sneakers. Apparently, Kanye wasn’t over the moon to see that North wasn’t wearing her dad’s own brand Yeezy sneakers!

Twitter // @KimKardashian

As if she didn’t look cool enough already, North also sported a baseball cap. According to HuffPost, the fur coat cost $3,500. In fairness, the North does get cold.

Mason’s Versace Jacket

When it comes to spoiling her grandkids with outrageously expensive gifts, Grandma Kris Jenner is an absolute beast. While out Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills, the matriarch of the family bought Kourtney’s son Mason Disick a Versace puffer coat for his ninth birthday.

Instagram // @kourtneykardash

The black and gold Baroque Print Padded jacket––which was designed by Donatella Versace––retails for $3,125, according to FarFetch.

Stormi’s Designer Plush Chair

In 2019, Kylie posted an Instagram photo of Stormi sitting in her new limited-edition plush chair, which went viral. In the image, the toddler had a big smile on her face while holding a Louis Vuitton bag. And before you ask, yes, it was the same bag Auntie Kim bagged for her niece in Japan.

Reddit // r/WeirdFriends

The cuddly chair retails for $25,000 and was designed by brothers Humberto and Fernando Campana with American artist Kaws. Stormi’s plush chair is one of only three in the world.

Penelope’s Wardrobe

Kourtney Kardashian’s super spoiled daughter, Penelope Disick, shares her mother’s love of shoes and boasts a rather impressive shoe collection of her own. In fact, mom Kourtney, dad Scott Disick, and new step-dad, Blink-182’s Travis Barker have bought Penelope more shoes than Imelda Marcos owned!

Instagram // @kourtneykardash

From Adidas sneakers to Gucci high heels, Penelope can dress for any occasion, pairing her shoe collection with her impressive wardrobe and designer Louis Vuitton bags, courtesy of Auntie Kim.

Kardashian Family Vacations

Not all treats have to be material possessions. The Kardashian sisters also know how to spoil their kids with luxury vacations. While indulging themselves at the same time. In years gone by, Kim was spotted with her family in the Bahamas and Punta Mita in Mexico.

(Left) Instagram // @khloekardashian | (Right Top) Instagram // @kyliejenner | (Right Bottom) Instagram // @letthelordbewithyou

But after Kim dumped Kanye, she spent much more time with her brood, taking them on expensive trips aboard the Kardashian’s private jet to half of Europe. The lavish trips began in Italy when Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker tied the knot in Portofino.

Family Ski Trips

Kim also took all four kids, North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, on a family ski trip for New Year’s. She posted oodles of photos on Instagram, labeling them “Perfect New Year’s in Wyoming.” That, of course, is where Kanye owns a ranch. But as the fam hit the slopes, Kim landed herself in trouble.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

Some eagle-eyed followers were unhappy that Kim and the kids appeared to be skiing without helmets. One even wrote in the post’s comment section — “Where is your helmet?” and “Kimmy….. get North a helmet.”

Stormi in a Tea Cup

On a trip to London, Forbes magazine’s top-earning entertainer Kylie Jenner treated Stormi to a shopping spree in one of the world’s most famous department stores, Harrods. And Stormi was excited to learn that the staff at the exclusive Knightsbridge store had put on a special shopping experience featuring customized displays and various wardrobe options for the four-year-old.

Instagram // @kyliejenner

Finally, mom and daughter enjoyed tea and cakes in Harrods’s famous tea room. Kylie described the day as a dream but added that Stormi is “very spoiled.”

Paris Fashion Week

While most of us dreamt of going to Disneyland on vacation as kids, the Kardashian children get to jet-set around the world in private jets. In 2022, Kim took North to Europe for Paris Fashion Week.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

The nine-year-old stepped out wearing a new menswear-inspired look, twist-style braids in her hair, dark oval sunglasses, and a fake hoop nose ring to match her mom’s. They were joined by Kris Jenner, but not even Gran could stop North from causing a stir. She held up a sign saying “STOP” to the paparazzi.

Soccer Star Saint

Again in Paris in 2023, Kim took her seven-year-old son Saint and his friends to see French Ligue 1 soccer champions Paris Saint-Germain in action at their home stadium, the Parc des Princes stadium. Saint and his privileged pals met France and PSG striker Kylian Mbappe.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

Kim wrote on Instagram, “Thank you so much PSG for making our kids’ dreams come true.” Saint actually supports London Premiership soccer club Arsenal and was seen wearing their kit a few weeks earlier at his sister Chicago’s birthday party.

Christmas at Grandma’s

Kris Jenner knows how to spoil her grandchildren. She invited all of her grandkids to her house to celebrate Christmas. And she spent over half a million dollars on gifts for them. But before you lose your marbles, remember there are 10 Kardashian grandchildren, so that only works out to $50,000 each!

Instagram // @krisjenner

To avoid jealousy and infighting, Kris always makes sure she buys the 10 kids the same gifts — which this particular year included bicycles, expensive jewelry, and cool sets of pajamas.

It’s Not All About Receiving

One Christmastime, Khloé taught her daughter it’s not all about receiving. Sometimes, it’s about giving, too. To show her daughter the meaning of giving back, Khloé brought True to their local fire station to donate toys to needy children and teens.

Instagram // @khloekardashian

Khloé then took to Instagram to explain that she did this with True to teach her daughter the importance of giving to others. Mom wrote, “Being kind to each other seems simple, but in these dark times, we need kindness and compassion more than ever.”

Kim’s Birthday Letters

It’s not all jewelry, designer clothes, and toys. Kim writes each of her kids a four or five-page letter every birthday. “It’s so fun to see from the first year now. She told Jay Shetty, “One of them is almost 10 years old. And I know that they’ll appreciate this.”

Instagram // @kimkardashian

Kim explained the letters recap her child’s year, for example, “who their friends are, silly words they’re saying, their favorite foods, all the silly things they do, and a little journey of what the year is like.” The Kardashians might be all about the Benjamins, but Kim knows how to be a loving mother, at least once per year… when her four kids aren’t with their four nannies!

Chicago’s Nursery

The Kardashians know not only how to make headlines but also how to shop ’till they drop. And when it comes to their kids, no expense is spared. Kim went a little over the top when decking out Chicago’s nursery. The reported price tag was an eye-watering $550,000.

Instagram // @kimkardashian

But, that half million dollars didn’t just go on some pink paint. This extra special nursery was a wonderland filled with see-through cribs, cloud gliders, and a plethora of luxury amenities.

The Babies’ Acrylic Crib

Kim Kardashian bought all her kids the same Nursery Works Vetro See-Through Crib, like this one. That’s some pink and blue balls — not North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm — by the way. The transparent baby bed costs $4,200 and is made of clear recycled acrylic, has curved edges, and features three levels for the mattress.

Modernnursery // VETRO ACRYLIC CRIB

Gosh, it’s almost as if the Kardashian sisters have never heard of hand-me-downs! Incidentally, Beyoncé and Jay-Z also used the same crib for their daughter Blue Ivy.

Lil’ Hidden Hills

Kim and Kanye’s kids don’t need to go far to go to the store. Kim built a mini LA village called Lil’ Hidden Hills for her kids on the sprawling grounds of her $60 million Calabasas mansion in California. The mini shopping mall features a 1950s all-American diner, an ice cream parlor, and a grocery store.

Twitter // @CooperLawrence

But, that’s not all Kardashian West Town offers! The model village also has a fire station, a castle made of Legos, a Starbucks — and, of course, a KKW beauty shop!