A Dad Went Viral By Sharing Concerns Over Clothing For Young Girls

If you’re a parent, yourself, or recently shopped for a friend’s kid, you may have noticed the big difference between girls’ and boys’ clothing. Even for infants and toddlers, you can see how the clothes for both genders have a significantly different fit, size, and materials used. Also, they have very specific, gender stereotype-related signs.

A Dad Went Viral By Sharing Concerns Over Clothing For Young Girls
A Dad Went Viral By Sharing Concerns Over Clothing For Young Girls

A Dad Called Out Girls’ Clothing on TikTok

A TikToker named Erika asked when other parents realized that the objectification of girls starts very young. As a reply, Michael Vaughn, made a TikTok video talking about girls’ clothing and how it starts putting stereotypes on girls as young as zero months old. In the video, he says he knew it was going to be bad but he didn’t realize just how bad until they started shopping and receiving clothing for their daughter. They’ve received a onesie that said: “Sorry boys, dad says no dating” in a newborn size, which got the dad wondering who is going to date his zero-month-old daughter?

Michael Vaughn, the dad who made the viral TikTok about oversexualizing girl clothes
A Dad Went Viral By Sharing Concerns Over Clothing For Young Girls

More Thoughts on Girls’ Clothes

In the viral TikTok video, Vaughn wonders about the hyper pink color used for pretty much everything that’s for girls, as well as the glittery clothes and other in-your-face and uncomfortable options. He asked why he can’t find a one-piece bathing suit for his toddler and why is everything marketed for girls smaller than the boys’ clothes in the same size. In another one of his videos, he commented on the fact that boys’ clothes are actually made to withstand wear and tear while girls’ clothing is made to objectify even the youngest children.

Boys’ vs. Girls’ Attire

A Dad Went Viral By Sharing Concerns Over Clothing For Young Girls

The dad said that girls’ clothes are often shorter, more form-fitting, and revealing than boys’ clothes. They usually have shorter sleeves and shorter inseams. Because of all this, he and his significant other started putting their daughter in gender-neutral or “boy” garments and people started confusing her for a boy. Some people, he said, even got upset that they are trying to trick them with the clothing choices they made for their little girl.

Other parents have also commented on the fact that boys’ clothing is usually in darker colors with dinosaurs and vehicles, while girls’ clothing is all about bright colors and various types of fabrics. The clothing often has gender-specific stereotypes written all over them, which puts a label on kids from a very young age. Michael Vaughn’s view is that a child should be seen for their talent, actions, and interest, rather than a cheesy sign on their shirt or their appearance. Hopefully, brands will stop flooding the market with the stereotypical boys’ and girls’ clothing and simply focus on comfort.

Follow These 5 Tips to Consistently Drink More Water Each Day

male and female drinking water in the parkDo you have a hard time staying hydrated? Even though drinking water is essential, not many people do it enough or as often as they should be. You might be on your 4th cup of coffee for the day before you realize that you have yet to even think about drinking a cup of water. Even if it’s not something you’re fond of, there are ways to drink water that might change your perspective.

Some people are more gadget-friendly, while others might need alarms or reminders. Whether you need to get a new and fancy water bottle to help you start drinking water or set alarms on your phone, there are a few different options that you can choose from. Here are some tips to consistently drink more water each day.

1. Add Some Fruit to Your Water

Fruit pieces in water jars If you’re not a fan of drinking plain old water, try adding your favorite fruit to it. Whether it’s mint leaves, strawberries, blueberries, mint leaves, or watermelon slices, the options are endless. All you have to do is toss them into your bottle of water and allow the flavors of the fruit to enhance your water as they sit.

2. French Press Your Infused Water

French pressing infused water You might be interested in the whole fruit and water situation, but you might not like the part where the blueberries and other fruit hit your nose as you try to drink. People recommend using a french press to infuse your water with the fruit. This will extract the flavor from the fruit, infuse your water, and leave you with no floating fruit. Let it steep for a few hours and press away.

3. Get a Water Bottle that Will Remind You

Customized water bottles There are tons of water bottles out there that can help you keep track of how much water you’re drinking and how often. Fill one of these water bottles in the morning and keep up with the drinking based on the markings on the bottle. There are larger and smaller bottles out there for you to choose from.

4. Set Reminders

Water-drinking app reminder If you’re having a tough time staying hydrated, try setting up some reminders throughout the day on your phone. You can also put notes on your laptop or around your home. A simple notification that tells you to refill your glass can go a long way.

5. Hold Your Friends Accountable

Friends toasting with water What better way to consistently drink more water than drinking with a friend? Hold your friends accountable and have them do the same with you. Send each other text reminders to drink more and stay hydrated.