Under $20 Candles Are Part of Bella Hadid’s Home Decor

Bella Hadid showed off her latest stylish outfit on her Instagram on November 20, and it was one that fit her perfectly. It had a grunge-inflected look which is what the model has been into recently. In the photo, Hadid was posing in her NYC apartment. She had on a sleeveless plaid shirt and a leather vest on top that had a heart-shaped cutout in the back. To go with this, she had on a snug-fitting pair of black trousers that were flared at the bottom and paired the entire look with a ‘90s-style square leather shoulder bag.

Bella Hadid
Under-$20 Candles Are Part of Bella Hadid’s Home Decor

A Closer Look at Bella Hadid’s Home Decor

Every photo that a celebrity posts is always examined a bit further by those who pay close attention to the details. The picture showed a rare glimpse of Bella Hadid’s eclectic approach to her home decor. She had a retro shelving unit and a colorful Keith Haring poster that she had hung above the unit.

Of course, some people took it even further and spotted Bella Hadid’s cult homeware line that she’s a fan of. She had four Areraware’s Totem candles, which are a huge hit, placed along the shelves behind her.

Inexpensive Yet Stylish Home Decor Pieces

Home Decor Candles
Under-$20 Candles Are Part of Bella Hadid’s Home Decor

The candles are popular not only for their soothing ambiance when they’re lit but also for the fact that they’re able to exist as small sculptural objects. They have quirky indentations and come in a variety of colorways.

The best thing about the candles is that they come in three different sizes and are quite inexpensive. They range between $12 and $20, so they won’t break the bank for the regular folk out there. Bella Hadid is one of the highest-earning models in the world, but she knows what it means to decorate on a bargain.