These 5 Red Flags Spell Divorce, According to Therapists

All couples go through rough patches, and not every rough patch ends up in divorce. However, there are some that run for so long that they become the end of the relationship. But how do you know when it’s a bad day and when it’s the beginning of the end? These 5 red flags are the sure-shot signs, according to therapists, that your marriage is headed towards divorce. Look out for these, before it’s too late.

When You Both Become ‘Me’ Instead of ‘We’

Has your beloved started using individual terms such as ‘you and I’ instead of ‘we’ and ‘us’? This may sound like such a small thing to you, but according to Nancy Fagan, marriage mediator at Plano’s, this can be the beginning of feeling an emotional disconnection in a partnership. If you start noticing this switch of tone in your or your partner’s tone, understand that it’s time to work on your emotional and physical connection.

When Either of You Begins Stonewalling

Stonewalling is when either of the two people involved in any kind of relationship stops being a part of the discussion and starts shutting the other one out. This is usually overlooked but it can actually be one of the signs that can lead your marriage to its untimely death. When a person starts stonewalling, it indicates that they’ve given up and don’t have any energy left to disagree or be involved in a conflict.

Your Marriage Starts Uncoupling

Uncoupling simply means when you or your better half start showing lesser interest in the relationship. One of the many red flags that you must make sure to notice is when your partner manifests zero or minimal intimacy or empathy. When you sense a lack of love and care towards each other, one or both of you are slowly and unknowingly decoupling. The minute you both stop spending quality time with each other, that’s when you need to start worrying that your divorce could be near.

Your Discussions Often End Up in Fights

Another flag, according to therapists, is when most of the discussions with your spouse end up in an argument. People usually mistake it for the end of the honeymoon period, but the frequency can actually be triggering. If you and your partner end your discussions in heated arguments more often than not, then it might be a sign to worry. If you find yourself in such a situation, be open about it and talk about it with your partner.

Feels Distant While Living Together

Remember the days when you used to have a roommate and wouldn’t meet with them at the end of the day? If your marriage starts feeling the same way, it’s time to have a serious conversation. In case one of the partners starts finding their safety and comfort zone somewhere else, your marriage is on edge.