Nurse Turned Writer Explains Marriage Through a Toothbrush

Shaunie Brusie is a labor and delivery nurse that switched careers to become a writer. In her latest story, she dives into a toothbrush analogy to explain the state of her marriage. You can always tell how her marriage is doing simply by taking a look at the toothbrushes, she says.

Red and Blue Toothbrush
Nurse Turned Writer Explains Marriage Through a Toothbrush

The Messy Life of a Millennial Mom

Shaunie is a 33-year-old millennial mom, managing a household of seven, and some days, she says, the invisible burden of paying bills, cooking meals, saving up for retirement, and feeding her youngest baby, take their toll on her. That’s when the problem of toothbrush changing becomes more apparent.

Her Husband Never Changes His Toothbrush

Portrait of clueless husband man shrugging on white background
Nurse Turned Writer Explains Marriage Through a Toothbrush

Even though he is a grown man, Shaunie’s husband still has no idea he needs to switch out his toothbrush. She thinks he doesn’t even realize toothbrushes are meant to be replaced when they get worn out. In fact, he probably doesn’t even notice the unfurling edges and the overall lack of efficiency that an old toothbrush has. If it wasn’t for her replacing it regularly, his gums would never stop bleeding from using a brush with disintegrated bristles and whatnot.

Toothbrushes Never Lie

Frustrated woman at work
Nurse Turned Writer Explains Marriage Through a Toothbrush

When she gets too overwhelmed with running her household and her husband leaving his socks on the floor and not changing his own toothbrush, Shaunie goes on a silent strike. Her riot takes the form of not changing both toothbrushes, but only hers. That’s how you would know their marriage is in a rocky cycle. Still, despite his negligence, her husband does have his moments. He’d stay up all night trying to put their babies to sleep, he’d make the perfect coffee in the morning, and he’d brave the freezing cold outside enough to clear the driveway from the snow.

It’s not all too bad, it’s just that it is mixed, the good, together with the bad. And whenever a certain toothbrush hasn’t been replaced, it’s because some of the bad has entered the marriage.