Three Excellent Indoor Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

Valentine CandyBecause of the restrictions that are still in place, it’s unlikely that Valentine’s Day in 2021 is going to include a romantic dinner date at a restaurant or a trip to the movie theater. However, there are still many fun ways to spend the evening and celebrate this holiday with the one you love. Instead of being sad that there’s no place to go out, stay in and try out one of these three fun celebration ideas!

Make a Movie Marathon

Family watching a movie
Even if the theaters and restaurants don’t work, it doesn’t mean a classic, romantic dinner and a movie date can’t happen. Make the ambiance special with a couple of scented candles and order a special diner delivery for you and your valentine, or both parents and the kiddos. This way, there will be good food without the need for grocery shopping or cooking. Then complete the evening by watching a movie or two that you’ve been interested in seeing for a while. Just make sure it’s a movie everyone wants to see, be it a rom-com, action, or fantasy!

Schedule an At-Home Couple’s Massage

Couple's massageIf it’s not possible to book a day at the spa, it’s likely possible to get the spa experience at home! A few days ahead of time, contact a few local massage therapists to see if any of them offer in-home massage services. Again, everything’s better with a few scented candles and a glass of wine! The massage is sure to leave you both feeling relaxed, de-stressed, and happy, so it’s certainly a great treat for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Game Night

Board gamingPlaying board games has been a favorite pastime for countless people for decades. However, in today’s day and age when so much entertainment is available at all times, not everyone remembers to sit together with the family and play a few favorite board games every now and then. There are many games out there that are great for two or multiple players, so parents with kids can definitely take advantage of this option!