Look for these Green Flags in Your Relationship

Although people should be looking for the good in the connection they have with their partner, they actually tend to look for the reasons why it’s never going to work. Instead of looking out for the red flags, one must look out for the green flags. Green flags are the actions and signs that show you that you’re in the right relationship. But, what exactly are you supposed to be looking for? Let’s check it out.

Boundaries Matter

If your partner knows how to respect your boundaries and not cross the line, there it is, your very first green flag. Partners who understand your space and ensure they don’t step into it definitely respect you. As Shanita Brown, instructor of counselor education at East Carolina University and a licensed mental health counselor stated, if your partner is curious but at the same time doesn’t give you a guilt trip about it, they surely appreciate your individuality.

Communicates Feelings

We all know how important it is to communicate and let your partner know how you feel, good or bad. If your partner feels heard and seen, they will be able to have a healthy talk with you about anything and everything, says Kelly E. Green, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at St. Edward’s University and a licensed clinical psychologist. However, make sure that talking doesn’t turn into a blame game. Remember, it might not be easy for everyone to open up, but if you see your better half at least trying then, our friend, that is your green flag.

Works as a Team

We’ve all been in a relationship where it felt like we were fighting with each other rather than for each other. Well, if this is how you felt after the last fight, then that is not good. When you have your partner’s back and they have yours, when you work as a team rather than two individuals, this is when you know it’s going to last. Understanding each other during hard times is what makes a relationship special.

Feels Good to be Around

If you have to put on a mask or pretend to be someone you’re not next to your lover, then that is a big no-no. Being with someone around whom you feel good about yourself is a green flag. Feeling good in your own skin is especially important for people with bad past experiences. Your partner should be a source of light.

Person of Their Word

You know when your partner says they will do something and then actually does it? That right there is the person of your dreams. From telling you they will pick you up and they do to meeting your family after they promise they will, all those are nothing but green flags. However, if your other half backs out from plans quite often, you might want to rethink some things.