5 Staging Tricks to Make Small Living Rooms Look More Spacious

Knowing how to make a tiny living room look bigger can considerably improve the appeal and comfort levels of a house or apartment. From removing curtains to rearranging furniture, there are different ways to maximize space usage. Here are five staging tips from experts that homeowners can use to transform their living rooms.

5 Staging Tricks to Make Small Living Rooms Look More Spacious

1. Declutter and Store

Clutter can make even the most spacious rooms look small and claustrophobic. Well-organized spaces, on the other hand, tend to feel larger and taller. Decluttering is of key importance in making a tiny living room feel cozy and comfortable. Installing glass shelves is an excellent way to store essential items without using floor space. Investing in couches, ottomans, armchairs, and TV units with hidden compartments is another smart trick to deal with clutter and keep a tidy indoor space.

2. Remove the Couch

Homeowners automatically associate living rooms with couches. Sometimes, it feels like there is an unwritten rule that obligates people to put a sofa in their main living area. But, if space is limited, removing the couch is arguably the best course of action. Replacing a sofa with comfortable chairs and soft furnishings is a great staging trick to make living rooms appear bigger.

3. Flawlessly Positioned Furniture

Finding the right fit is important in making living rooms look welcoming. Just because an area is small, it doesn’t necessarily mean it should be furnished with the smallest pieces of furniture. Making every inch count is achieved by creating a layout that works with the available furnishings instead of forcing the furniture into an ‘obvious’ arrangement. Also, moving furnishings away from the walls is an amazing way to make spaces feel larger.

4. White Is the Best Color for Staging

Choosing a white color scheme is an effective way to open up tiny spaces. A splash of white can work wonders to make living rooms look brighter. Many consider white walls to be boring, but this simple solution is also the most affordable staging trick homeowners can use to create a clean and sophisticated canvas, which they can use to make other colors pop.

5. Utilize Natural Light

Natural light can significantly impact the way a room is perceived. The brighter it is, the more spacious it will appear. Removing blinds, drapes, and curtains from the windows will allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate the area, which will instantly create the illusion that the room is bigger.

These five staging tricks are easy to execute and relatively affordable, meaning homeowners can create the living rooms they want without breaking the bank.