Top 3 Science-Backed Mental Health Benefits of Hanging Out With Your Pet Dog

No feeling is better than coming home after a long day and finding your family waiting for you. And if you have a furry friend to welcome you home enthusiastically, that’s a double joy! You can’t help but smile and laugh at your pup’s earnest affection, wagging tail, and goofy antics. Now, scientific evidence has revealed that being around your pet dog is not only just fun and heartwarming but also gives your mental health a good boost. Here are a few science-approved mental health benefits of having a barky best friend around:

Stress Relief

It’s already widely known that spending time with a pet dog hugely helps in relieving stress. According to research published in The Stress and Health journal, the dramatic stress reduction resulting from cuddling with a canine companion can last up to 10 hours. Even a brief interaction with a pup slows down the production of cortisol, the stress hormone in our body, which is the main culprit behind spiking up blood sugar levels and triggering fat deposition.

Increased Focus

Scientists have conducted experimental studies with therapy pet dogs in classrooms. They have found that the presence of dogs in classrooms showed proven signs of increased engagement and improved memory among the students. A Georgia Southern University study revealed that the presence of a therapy dog leads to improved gross motor skills among students of different ages, which can result in higher literacy rates in the institutions.

Feelings of Joy

According to a study by the University of Maine, people who spend some time every day with a dog experience a boost of cheerfulness throughout the day and wholesome feelings of well-being. You don’t need hours for this! Researchers have shown that just 15 minutes of puppy love in a day can bump up your happiness level, deliver a sense of satisfaction, and nix any negative feelings you have. So, a puppy in the house brings long-lasting joy to the family!