Pros and Cons of Switching to an Electric or Induction Stove

Recently, the debate between gas stoves vs. electric stoves got fuelled by increasing climate problems. Here we’re breaking down the pros and cons of giving your gas stove-stuffed kitchen a makeover with an electric stove.

Better Cooking

Electric stove cooks better than you think! Especially newer improved models and induction stovetops can be bliss when it comes to easy and quicker cooking. Induction stoves create a magnetic current, heating the pan efficiently and quickly while the rest of the cookware stays cool to the touch, thus reducing the risk of burns.

Easy Cleaning

Undeniably, it’s far easier to clean an electric stove than its gas-fuelled counterpart. Induction stovetops are completely flat, as there’s no need for standing metal prongs to balance your pot on an open flame. So, just take a damp sponge or cloth and wipe the surface clean as you would while cleaning a table or kitchen counter. It’s that easy!

Safe to Use

An electric stove or oven is eco-friendly and safer to use too. Recent consumer reports of tests conducted on gas stoves show that, while in use, they emit nitrogen oxide at elevated levels. This high-reactive gas can aggravate asthma or any respiratory infection. While indoor cooking can always cause breathing issues, electric stoves don’t release toxic gasses.

Lack of Even Temperatures

The one frustrating element users experience is that the temperatures of an electric or induction stove are not as even as those of a traditional gas stove. Though some later editions come with helpful settings like ‘rapid boil’ or ‘air-fry mode,’ users usually complain that the utensils take a longer time to cool down once fully heated and the uneven temperatures are a setback.

The Right Cookware

You’ll always need induction-friendly cookware to use on induction cooktops. These cookware items are made with magnetic materials, so if you don’t have them already, you’ll need to buy a new set. An electric stove doesn’t need any special cookware, though. But still, it’s preferable to use pans and pots with non-scratch features.

The Bottom Line

Recent scientific research and possible bans on gas stoves due to climate concerns have created a wider knowledge and appreciation for electric stoves and induction cooktops. Though it may seem like a sizable addition to your household electric bill, it’s worth it! The pros of using an electric or induction stove clearly outweigh the cons, making it a viable replacement for your gas stove. And it makes your kitchen look chic too!

5 Smart Products Cat Owners Can Get for Their Furry Friends

CatCats can make great pets as they offer companionship, cuddles, and a lot of entertainment. In return, their humans provide them with love, food, and comfort. To make the cohabitation even more convenient, here are five smart products that all cat owners can find great uses for!

The Dancing Dot

The Dancing Dot Cats require a lot of entertainment and exercise to remain happy, content, and healthy. If you’re not always in the mood to play with your cat or you’re simply not available, this smart toy can help. It projects a laser dot and moves it across the floor and walls in a randomized pattern. All the cats in the house will have a lot of fun chasing and hunting the laser while they exert their excess energy. The toy can be set to turn on automatically and run for a certain time interval.

Smart Pet Feeder

Smart Pet FeederIf you’re worried about feeding your feline friend while you’re at work or visiting friends, this smart feeder will put your mind at ease. Once the container is filled with kibble and closed, the safety mechanism on the lid will prevent the cats from opening it and keep the food fresh. Some smart feeders come with an app that allows the user to control the timing and number of the meals that get dispensed.

Pet Tracking Collar

Pet Tracking CollarCats are free spirits and most of them will choose to venture out into the yard if they get the chance. To help put owners’ minds at ease, several companies have come out with pet collars that have tracking features installed. Using the GPS tracker, it will always be possible to discern the cat’s whereabouts. Some collars even offer additional features like light, sound, virtual fence setup, activity monitoring, and more.

Smart Pet Door

Smart Pet DoorA smart pet door has microchip capabilities that help keep your home and your cat safer. The doors can be set up to only allow passage to your pet and prevent other cats from entering the house. It’s also possible to set up a curfew after which the pet door will automatically lock. The pet door can be found in different sizes.

Cat Water Fountain

Cat Water FountainMany owners have noticed that their cats don’t particularly enjoy drinking water from their bowl and will often look for different sources, such as running or dripping faucets. That’s why an automated cat fountain is a great idea. It oxygenates the water, keeping it fresh at all times. What’s more, cats will find the running water entertaining.