Should You Get in on the Cold Plunge Trend?

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It seems like everyone is getting into the cold plunge trend these days. From celebrities like Lady Gaga to fitness influencers to our next-door neighbor, everybody is posting their cold plunge videos on social media. So, what is this trend? And is it really worth all this fuss?

What Is It?

A cold plunge is when you fill some sort of tub with cold water – usually 41°F to 59°F – and submerge your entire body into it. Most people stay in the tub for 10-15 minutes, submerging their heads at regular intervals.

Is it New?

It may seem like this trend is new, given that everyone’s suddenly into it. However, the practice has been around for a long time, especially among athletes. Physical therapist Taylor Kuhlmann explains, “Athletes commonly use cold therapy to facilitate muscle recovery after intense workouts since research supports improvements in muscle power, reduced serum creatine kinase, muscle soreness, and perceived recovery through cold plunges.”

The Benefits

As uncomfortable as they are, cold plunges have a lot of benefits. They reduce inflammation, irritation to the skin, chronic pain, stress, fatigue, and muscle soreness. It also enhances mood, metabolism, alertness, immune function, circulation, physical performance, and a youthful appearance.

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If you want to give this trend a try and have some great content for social media, cold plunges definitely have a lot of benefits! That said, make sure to consult a doctor before trying a cold plunge for the first time. As great as these treatments are, they can do more harm than good for some people, so make sure this popular activity is right for you.

Suki Waterhouse Has ‘Cool Mom’ Status Already

Twitter // @bestsukiw

Suki Waterhouse recently defied the norms of conventional motherhood, embracing her pregnancy with a flair for the extraordinary. The 31-year-old model-actor-musician is expecting her first child with boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Breaking away from traditional maternity wear, Waterhouse’s recent public appearances showcase a unique blend of glamor and casual chic. This mommy-to-be’s maternity style is truly one for the ages!

Unconventional Onstage Glamor, Approachable Offstage Chic

Challenging the standard maternity wardrobe, Suki Waterhouse sported an onstage disco look at Mexico City’s Corona Capital Festival. Drawing inspiration from icons like Rihanna, she graced the stage in spangled mini-dresses, echoing a trend of high-profile celebrities embracing bold, unconventional fashion choices during pregnancy. It’s a juxtaposition you don’t see every day, glamor with the glow of impending motherhood, but Waterhouse truly rocked the outfit.

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In contrast to her glamorous onstage persona, Suki Waterhouse opted for a different offstage maternity style with a refreshing and approachable twist. Recently captured in Beverly Hills, she was spotted in a boxy leather jacket paired with boho trousers and an XL leopard-print Ferragamo handbag. This down-to-earth look breaks away from the performative nature of her onstage attire, presenting a more relatable and wearable approach to maternity fashion.

Empowering Individual Style

The photographs of Suki Waterhouse confidently navigating Beverly Hills exemplify a powerful message, which is that pregnancy shouldn’t alter one’s relationship with personal style. Whether it’s donning caps and corduroy flares or mesh archive bodysuits, women can embrace their evolving bodies without compromising their unique fashion preferences.

This empowering stance suggests that pregnancy is an opportunity to celebrate and express individuality. Instead of relying on typical elasticated waistbands or exclusively maternity wear, Waterhouse encourages women to maintain their existing relationship with fashion.