The Pros and Cons of Blow Drying Hair

Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik

We’ve all heard that we shouldn’t use heat-styling tools on our hair. However, we all know how much better hair can look with the help of such tools. So, how bad is heat styling really? And is there any way to minimize the damage? We have all the answers!

The Pros

The pros of blow-drying one’s hair is undeniable. It can speed up the time it takes to get ready, even becoming the deciding factor in whether or not you have time to squeeze a shower in before work. It adds both shine and volume to the hair, while simultaneously decreasing frizz. Also, if you’re someone who likes to straighten your hair, a blow dryer is much better than a flat iron, as it requires less heat.

The Cons

Blow drying one’s hair has some cons that can’t be ignored. It can damage hair, making it dry and susceptible to breakage. This is particularly true if your hair has been chemically treated in some way. It’s also possible that you can burn your scalp with a blow dryer. This can be avoided by using a heat setting that isn’t too high and making sure not to focus the heat on one spot for too long. Lastly, unlike air drying, blow drying requires some trial and error before learning the right technique, which means you may have to endure a few bad hair days before you figure it out.

How to Minimize the Damage

While there isn’t a secret to making sure blow drying won’t cause any damage at all, the negative aspects of this tool can be significantly reduced if you know the right tricks. The first step is to figure out which brush works best for your hair type so that it doesn’t add any damage to your hair along with the blow dryer.

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It’s also recommended to not overdo it, and try to keep the heat styling to two or three times a week. Using a heat protectant spray will help a lot, as will using lower heat settings.