Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good

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Bathrooms are a necessary evil. So many pleasant things take place there, like nice face scrubs and calming baths. However, battles with persistent odors from the not-so-pleasant bathroom activities can be both frustrating and embarrassing. Over time, we may become immune to the everyday scents in our homes, only to be reminded when guests point them out. That’s why we’ve brought you some easy methods to freshen up your bathroom without having to do any cleaning.

Identifying the Smelly Culprits

Home and lifestyle expert Jill Bauer from JustJill highlights the bathroom’s unique challenges, being a high-traffic area laden with moisture. The combination of daily showers, damp towels, and the presence of bacteria in proximity to sinks and toilets creates an environment conducive to musty, stale odors.

While deep cleaning remains essential for tackling significant issues and keeping your bathroom in tip-top shape, maintaining everyday freshness in your bathroom requires simpler strategies. Here are a few things you can try.

DIY Scented Toilet Paper & Sprays

Elevate the mundane task of grabbing toilet paper by infusing it with a delightful scent. Bauer recommends adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil inside the toilet paper roll. This uncomplicated yet effective trick ensures that every sheet released carries a refreshing aroma, contributing to a pleasant bathroom atmosphere effortlessly.

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Bid farewell to artificial air fresheners and embrace a DIY approach for a natural and inviting bathroom ambiance. Prepare a room spray by combining distilled water with 8-10 drops of lavender or vanilla essential oil. Alternatively, opt for 1 tablespoon of zesty lemon juice or soothing vanilla extract. A simple shake of the spray bottle disperses a refreshing mist, offering a genuine and health-conscious alternative to conventional air fresheners.

Deodorizing With Charcoal & Baking Soda

When it comes to absorbing bad smells, try charcoal briquettes. Renowned for their ability to absorb moisture and trap odors, charcoal briquettes serve as a natural deodorizer. Simply place a few briquettes in a jar or slip them into old nylons, discreetly hanging them in strategic spots in your bathroom. The key is to choose charcoal without additional scents or additives. You can also try sprinkling some baking soda in the bottom of your bathroom trash can to absorb bad odors.

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Whatever method you decide to use, keeping your bathroom fresh is important both for guests and for you. No one enjoys a smelly bathroom, and with these tricks, your friends will never again wrinkle their noses when they walk into yours.

An Easy to Make Mango Smoothie Recipe for the Whole Family

Who doesn’t love Mangoes, right? The king of all fruits is sweet, juicy and all things delicious. Wouldn’t it be great if we could turn this fruit into something which is not only tasty but healthy too? For days when you crave something sweet but are conscious about health, this two-step mango smoothie will be your savior.

The Best Time for a Smoothie Is: Always

Had a long yoga session, or was the food too spicy today? Don’t worry! This mango smoothie has your back. We all know making a smoothie is not rocket science. All you need are a few key ingredients in the kitchen, and you’re good to go. Smoothies are healthy, refreshing, and go well with all kinds of moods. For this recipe, ripe mangoes are the optimum choice, along with milk (preferably low-fat) and yogurt to have that perfect blend of sweet and tangy. The best part is that it can be used to replace dessert after dinner.

Choosing the Right Mangoes

These days, mangoes are available throughout the year in six different types, but one should make sure to use ripe mango for blending and for that perfect thick texture. Start with washing the mango, then peeling off its skin. Next, dice the mango into square pieces and ensure the cubes aren’t too big. If you’re a seasonal fan, then go for fresh mangoes, but in case of emergencies, you can also go for frozen mangoes.


● 1 cup finely diced mango

● ½ cup milk (preferably low-fat)

● ½ cup ice cubes

● ¼ cup yogurt, unflavoured and low-fat

● 1 tablespoon honey

The Recipe

● Add all the ingredients – mango, milk, ice, yogurt, and honey, into a blender.

● Keep on blending it until it’s smooth and frothy, or until you achieve desired consistency.

● Serve fresh for the best test. You can add some diced mangoes on top for presentation.