6 Fun Baby Shower Games for a Memorable Event

Baby Shower Games

Planning a baby shower involves considering various aspects, including decorations, guest lists, food, and activities. By incorporating creative baby shower games into the event, you can ensure that your event is full of laughter, bonding, and lasting memories. Here is a list of some creative activities that will make your baby shower a special event.

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Bingo

Bingo is a beloved game that engages guests during the gift-opening experience. Print out enough bingo templates for each guest and let the fun begin! The first person to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins. You can also play variations like four corners, outer edge, multiple rows, or full house.

Pregnant Twister

This hilarious game involves guests wearing faux-pregnant bellies while participating in a challenging game of Twister. Each guest is provided with a pillow, a fanny pack, and a set of wrist weights to create the pregnant belly effect. The expectant parent(s) act as judges, and the guests compete in the game. It guarantees laughter and entertainment.

Don’t Call Me ‘Baby’

Test guests’ self-control and listening skills by challenging them to avoid saying the word ‘baby’ throughout the entire party. Give each guest a diaper pin to wear and explain the rules: Whoever catches someone saying ‘baby’ gets their pin. The guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins the game.

Baby Food Taste Test

Baby Food Taste Test

Test your taste buds with a baby food guessing game. Guests sample various flavors of baby food, and the person who correctly guesses the most flavors wins a prize. This simple, yummy, enjoyable activity adds a playful element to the baby shower.

Baby Stroller Olympics

This outdoor game is not an official Olympic event but promises a great time. Set up an area with a starting line and a finishing line, and create obstacles using lawn chairs, logs, or other materials. Each guest holds a baby doll and stands next to a stroller. When the mom-to-be says ‘Go!,’ guests navigate the obstacles while pushing the stroller. Penalties are added for hitting obstacles, and disqualification occurs if the baby falls out. The guest with the fastest time wins.

Match the Baby

Guests bring a photo of themselves as a baby and display them on a wall. Then each photo is labeled with a number. Give guests 10 minutes to match the baby photos to the correct guests. The guest with the most correct matches wins the game. This game serves as an icebreaker and allows everyone to reminisce about their childhood.

Check This Amazing Response to a Kid Drawing on Walls

There, for sure, will be times when your kids will do something surprising that will just get on your nerves. Losing your temper is the easy option but it’s also the one that you should try to avoid. Things will most likely not change or improve over time if you try to resolve the case with yelling and punishment. Sometimes the best thing to do, even if we are talking about drawing on the wall, is to laugh about it.

Check This Amazing Response to a Kid Drawing on Walls
Check This Amazing Response to a Kid Drawing on Walls

Handling It The Fun Way

In a few cute photos, Eric Massicotte shared how his clever wife handled a situation with his 6-year-old drawing on the wall in their living room. The photos he uploaded show a little green house drawn near an art print they have hung on the wall. In the first picture, we see just the art piece of the young artist, but in the second one it’s shown how the little house has been framed and a little plaque has been added.

The plaque that his wife made for the occasion reads “R.C. Massicotte (b. 2011) Interrupted House, 2017. Marker on latex paint. Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.” It’s hung right next to the framed art.

Check This Amazing Response to a Kid Drawing on Walls

The Best Parenting Advice

Massicotte commented after that your kids will do things they are not supposed to and having a partner with a sense of humor in such situations will help immensely. This tweet resonated with many parents all over the world and it gathered a ton of likes and retweets.

Making the best out of a not-so-fun situation will save your sanity in the incredible parenting journey. This is just an amazing example of how drawing can be handled in your household but it’s also an inspiring mindset that can be used in other situations, too.