F for Frittata: Meet Everyone’s Newest Favorite Dish

Frittata is a versatile dish – in ways more than one. Before diving into how it’s made; let’s first understand what a Frittata is. To put it simply, a Frittata is a quiche sans the crust. Savory in taste, a Frittata contains an assortment of vegetables, herbs, and a bit of cheese. This easy-to-make dish can be mastered in no time and serves as a hearty meal option. Apart from tasting good, this yellow-hued cheery dish is a perfect choice for your Instagram feed too. Here’s an easy way to make Frittata for yourself and your loved ones.

Laying the Foundation

First and foremost, you will require a base batter for Frittata comprising eggs, milk, garlic, salt, and pepper. Mix all the mentioned ingredients till they acquire a smooth runny consistency. Keep it aside. In a cast-iron skillet pan, toss few vegetables of your choice on a medium flame till they are tender.

Adding the Ingredients

Bring in the herbs and mix them with the vegetables for a bit. Now, carefully spread out the Frittata batter evenly so it covers the vegetables like a blanket. Rock the pan in a gentle motion from time to time so that the batter doesn’t stick out and is spread uniformly throughout. Add the grated cheese (again, your call!) as the part of next step.

The Final Steps

In a pre-heated oven, place the entire content for a good twenty-minute bake at around 400 degrees. Don’t forget to wear mittens while taking it out. Post that let it cool for a bit before slicing it down to the preferred piece size. Enjoy your creation and eat while it’s still warm. Pro Tip: You can also add seasonal vegetables and play around with the combination of cheese to experiment with its flavor pattern every single time.