The Top 3 Podcasts That Every Dad or Dad-To-Be Should Listen To

The Top 3 Podcasts That Every Dad or Dad-To-Be Should Listen To Dads are catching up to moms in their want for advice on how to be successful in both their professional and personal lives. Fathers (or fathers-to-be) have lots of alternatives for shows about how to better step up and make the most of fatherhood now that a wide variety of podcasts are more widely available.

The Perfect List of Father-Focused Podcasts
Here’s a list of three favorite father-focused podcasts that offer guidance, tell engaging stories, and make you chuckle while dealing with the challenges of fatherhood.

#1. Dads: The Podcast

Dads: The Podcast
Rory Scovel understands that fatherhood can provide a lot of laughs. On his Conan O’Brien-produced podcast, the comedian talks with his humorous peers about the more somber parts of being a father with a light touch. The Physical actor and his co-host, Ruthie Wyat, question David Cross how he balances his demanding career with becoming a father and his concern of inheriting “the crappy dad gene” in one episode. With a refreshing honesty you won’t hear on other podcasts, the Mr. Show actor discussed how he got through that and his troubles with his own father.

#2. The Dad Edge Podcast

 The Dad Edge Podcast
These podcasts help listeners find their tribe and unleash their inner warrior in both the boardroom and the living room because fatherhood is just as hard (and perplexing) as the corporate world. Larry Hagner, the show’s host, invites guests ranging from entrepreneurs to medical experts who have overcome the challenges that today’s families confront, inspiring listeners to become more well-rounded individuals. This is the podcast for you if you’ve ever been inspired by a Tony Robbins seminar.

#3. AFAR – Absent for a Reason

AFAR - Absent for a Reason
Fathers UpLift works to dispel the perception that men don’t want to be involved in their children’s life by offering therapy and other support to fathers and their families. Many of the people they’ve assisted have been on the organization’s podcast, AFAR – Absent For A Reason, to tell their tales about how they overcame prejudice, incarceration, addiction, and other obstacles to finally be with their loved ones. Their stories can go from inspiring to tragic in a matter of seconds, and they’re always honest.