Why Your Toddler Only Acts Out With One Parent

Does your child love your partner and is always happy around them but starts fighting and crying as soon as they are around you? Well, trust us when we say this but it has nothing to do with the fact that your little joy of happiness hates you or loves your partner more. In fact, it is all because you are his primary caretaker and are closer to his heart. Confused? Well, read further to understand what we are talking about.

Understand Toddlers’ Behavior

Every parent reaches a moment when they get tired of their beloved child’s tantrums and breakdowns, especially when all of that is only directed towards you. But why does it happen? After several studies, experts figured that it’s the age. In fact, it is not uncommon for children of this age to show all their aggressive and difficult emotions toward their parents. When a kid is small, his primary parent is the one they are most comfortable with. This is why they feel safe showing their worst self in front of the same person.

How to Set Boundaries

It is very common for parents to give in to their kid’s demands. However, it is important to set boundaries in order to keep them on their best behavior. This can be achieved by setting a polite time warning so that your child knows what’s coming next. For instance, if your kid has been watching TV for almost an hour, you can let them know that they can watch one more episode, and then you will turn off the TV and they’ll go play outside. This ensures that switching from one activity to another doesn’t come to him as a surprise. You can also do this by offering them various choices. This can make your child feel like he has control. Make sure you offer them small choices so that they do not get overwhelmed.

Remember Not to Lose Your Cool

Dealing with a toddler all by yourself can get into your head. This is when you need to make sure that you do not lose your cool. Try to deal with difficult times patiently. This doesn’t mean that you will never raise your voice or scold your beloved, but that can be avoided. Remember when you criticize your toddler, they become more unreasonable. Therefore, instead of doing that, try to have a calm conversation. Make them understand why something is not good for them, making sure you make them feel acknowledged too.