How to Avoid a Common Super Bowl Parenting Mistake

The Problem With Too Much Screen Time

The Super Bowl is an exciting event, and it’s tempting to let kids watch the entire game. However, excessive screen time, especially during high-energy sports events, can be problematic for children.

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Kids might get overstimulated by the constant action, loud noises, and flashy commercials. This overstimulation can lead to difficulty focusing, increased anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

Impact on Kids

Watching the Super Bowl without breaks can be overwhelming for children. The combination of intense gameplay, suspenseful moments, and commercial overload can lead to sensory overload. This can manifest in restlessness, irritability, and difficulty winding down after the game. Additionally, the high-energy environment can make it harder for kids to transition to bedtime, affecting their sleep quality and overall mood the next day.

Practical Tips for Parents

To mitigate these issues, parents can take several steps:

Set Limits: Establish clear screen time boundaries before the game starts. Decide which parts of the game the kids can watch and when they should take breaks.

Incorporate Breaks: Encourage children to take regular breaks from the screen. Use commercial breaks or halftime to engage in other activities, like playing a quick game, doing a craft, or even going outside for a bit.

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Create a Calming Environment: After the game, help your children wind down by creating a calm environment. Dim the lights, engage in quiet activities like reading, and avoid any additional screen time.

Discuss the Game: Use the game as an opportunity to talk about sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition. This can make the experience more enriching and less focused on just screen time.

By being mindful of how much and how long children watch the Super Bowl, parents can ensure that the event is enjoyable and not overwhelming for their kids.