Traumatizing Kids on Social Media Is Not as Funny as it Sounds

The latest social media trends may be great fun, but some of them have serious consequences. You should not attempt to try every viral trend on social media, especially if it involves kids. Parents should practice extra caution while engaging their children in making social media videos, especially the ones following scary or disturbing activities.

The Current TikTok Trend

TikTok is the social media platform that has come up with more trends in the last few years than any other media. In the latest TikTok trend, tagged #ghostprank, parents are scaring their little children using a creepy ghost filter. The videos usually involve the parents running out of a room leaving their kids behind, then locking them in the room with lights off and the ghost filter on. As anybody can imagine, the children become terrified, and they scream, cry, and frantically try to unlock the door, hide, or escape the room in any other way. After a few minutes, the parents reveal themselves and rescue the poor child, who has already been frightened! This prank has gained huge popularity for some bizarre reason.

The Probable Effect

Parents may not realize that the effects of such social media pranks can be both immediate and long-lasting. Anything can happen in those few minutes your child is left alone in a state of complete panic. The child can pull some wires, bang their head, have feelings of convulsions, and even faint. In the long-term, such incidents can cause trust issues between the child and the parents, as generally children can remember trauma from as early as infancy. So, even if they don’t remember the exact incident, the trauma remains embedded and it never leaves them. So, the parents are here causing trauma to their children, just so others could laugh on social media at their expense. It’s time to stop and rethink.

7 Clever and Entertaining Gifts for Everyone in the Family

Whenever it’s time to buy gifts, many people get stressed out trying to find the right ones. When shopping for your family, whether it’s your own family or someone else’s, the task can be a bit tricky. Typically, everyone has different interests, the kids might be of different ages, and you might be at a loss as to what to get. Gifts that help celebrate the bond between the family or even help them spend time together are typically the best way to go. Everyone can enjoy them, appreciate them, and have fun together.

Wrapped GiftGifts for the Whole Family

The following gift ideas are sure to win the whole family over from the kids to the grandparents no matter if they prefer spending nights hanging out on the couch or traveling the world with their favorite people. Some of the options below are budget buys while others include keepsakes for the family to treasure for years to come. These are some of the best gifts to give to families no matter what the occasion is. Gift-giving and finding the right presents for people has never been easier.

1. Personalized Mugs for the Family

Personalized Mugs Mugs are great for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, and all kinds of beverages. The family can make sure that every member has and uses a specific mug by having it personalized to their liking. Whether it’s with their name, an illustration, their favorite food, color, or another way.

2. Custom Family Illustration

 Custom Family Illustration You can have a custom illustration made for your family that includes every member, including any pets. It’s a keepsake that the family can hold onto for many years to come. Having it drawn is an even more original way to hold onto a memory.

3. Parlor Ice Cream Set

Parlor Ice Cream Set This is one of the gifts that can be fun for everyone. The whole family can mix ice cream and include toppings to their liking. It comes complete with a marble slab that can be chilled to keep the ice cream cold. It also has 2 mixing spades, ceramic dishes, and a base made from bamboo.

4. Stuffed Waffle Maker

Stuffed Waffle Maker Who doesn’t enjoy waffles? Whether it’s for brunch, breakfast, or even savory waffles for dinner, the options are endless. The family can design and stuff their waffles with all kinds of fillings based on their liking,

5. Scratch-off World Map

Scratch-off World Map One of the gifts that you may want to consider is a scratch-off world travel map. The family can scratch off all the places that they have traveled to and reveal a colorful map that is underneath.

6. Tabletop Air Hockey

Tabletop Air Hockey There’s no need to go to the arcade every time someone wants to play air hockey. You can get a small tabletop air hockey table to play with the whole family. You can host tournaments for the entire family or even enjoy partner games.

7. Signature Jam Set

Signature Jam Set Jam is perfect on toast, biscuits, or even for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. However, jam just got a huge upgrade. This is one of the gifts that you can give to your family, and you’ll be sure that they’ll love it since the flavors can be customizable to each person’s ideal flavor.