Easy Workout Ideas to Try at Home With a Toddler or a Kid Around

Busy parents don’t always have time to hit the gym, especially if they have a toddler or a kid they have to take care of at home. The good news is, you don’t have to give up your workout time for being with your child. You can actually combine the two. How? Keep reading to find out!

Playing With Your Toddler Is an Exercise in Itself

Woman playing with her toddler

Toddlers have an abundance of energy, and it’s all about exploration with them. So, instead of wondering how to keep them away from your sports equipment, you can make your workout revolve around playing with your toddler. You can run together, include them in your yoga poses, or make them imitate your movements and stretches. It will be good both for you and them.

Kids Can Be the Perfect Weights

Dad doing push-ups with his son laying on top of him

You can do squats, push-ups, planks, and weighted lunges with your kid or toddler as an innovative dumbbell. The added bonus is that they may have a lot of fun in the process, and you won’t have to look for ways to entertain them. Plus, as time goes by, their weight will increase, thus adding more progression to your workout.

Let Them Join the Workout

Mom and Daughter Exercising

Kids and toddlers are natural imitators. It is likely that when they see you jumping, doing squats or push-ups, they will want to follow along. Even if it takes longer for you to complete your workout routine, it will be a fun experience both for you and your toddler.

If They Can’t Join, Distract Them

Toddler watching TV

When all other efforts fail, you can always try and distract them so you can fit in a workout. You can play them their favorite cartoon or let them run around with their beloved toy. Their attention spans can be surprisingly high when they’re doing something they love. That way, you can do something you love and get your workout done.