Simple Activities for Families to Spend Time Outside During Winter

Family spending quality time outside during winterThere are many benefits to spending quality time with your family outside. Outdoor activities create a stronger bond between family members, they allow people to experience new things, and most importantly, they keep both children and adults physically and psychologically healthy. But how do you get your loved ones out of the house when it’s winter and the temperatures are low? Here are three simple but very enjoyable activities.

Learn About Nature During a Winter Hike

Organize a Leaf Hunting Quest

Frozen Leaf HuntingPack your backpacks and head to the nearest park for a leaf hunting quest. Promise your children a reward if they manage to find five or more different leaves. Have them download LeafSnap on their phones, so they can take pictures of leaves and learn about the trees they come from. This is a fun activity that will allow your family to learn new things, enjoy fresh air, and most importantly spend time outdoors.

Conquer Snow Forts

Kid inside a snow fort You don’t need to leave your property to spend time outside with your family. Grab the sand buckets that you usually use during your summer vacations, and use them to build a snow fort. Pack the buckets with snow and turn them to create building blocks. Use snow to fill the gaps and pour water to the inside and outside of the walls for extra stability. Once the fort is complete, organize a snow battle and try to conquer it.

Spend Hours Outside While Sledding Like a Pro

Go Down a Sledding Hill

Sledding Dress your children in clothes that will keep them dry and warm, and head to your area’s sledding hill. Going up and down a pile of snow can genuinely be the highlight of your family’s winter. Make sure to bring a vacuum flask full of hot chocolate so all of you can enjoy a warm cup when you take a pause from sledding.

Spending time outside during winter may sound like an unpleasant activity, but the moment you throw your first snowball, you will instantly get addicted. All you need to do is put on your coat, call your family, and give it a try!