4 Types of Apologies Anyone With Siblings Knows All Too Well

If you have siblings, there’s a high chance that your relationship is pretty strange. After all, you can both love them and hate them at the same time, and while you can simply ditch your friends if they do something to make you hate them, you definitely can’t do that with your brothers or sisters. Because of this, it’s sometimes easier for apologies to be exchanged. These apologies are very specific to siblings, though… 



Siblings can be pretty annoying, and while you sometimes want nothing more than to smite them and ignore them for months on end, it’s important to realize that they know you better than most people. This means that they can get you back in no time, which is why it’s sometimes easier to just act like nothing happened. 

The Ambush

Sometimes you don’t really get a choice in whether you want to apologize or not, as your family makes that decision for you. They can often get involved and create an ambush that forces the two of you together, meaning that you have no option but to make up. The sneaky devils.


The Peace Offering

Those siblings looking to apologize can definitely make use of the peace offering because everyone loves getting stuff for free! Instead of letting out emotional words and getting all lovey-dovey, simply offer to babysit for your brother or sister, or give them a bar of candy. It’ll work. We promise. 

Have You Heard the Gossip?

If you and your sibling aren’t the kinds of people to publicly spout your apology, then you’ll probably be familiar with this one. That’s because it’s sometimes easier to avoid the apology together and provide your brother or sister with some gossip instead. This way, you’re back to normal in no time. 

If you have siblings, your household is probably well-versed in these apologies.