Lacey Chabert Is Ready to Sign Up for a Party of Five Reunion

Once a Salinger, forever a Salinger! At least that’s how Lacey Chabert feels. The 40-year-old actress recently revealed that she would love to revisit Claudia Salinger, her breakout role from Party of Five, the 1990s hit Fox drama series. While appearing on Good Day DC, Chabert expressed her eager hope for a potential reunion with her colleagues from the series.

The Hit Drama Series

Party of Five aired from 1994 to 2000 for six seasons on the Fox channel and garnered much critical and commercial success, with a Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series Drama, among others. Lacey Chabert played Claudia Salinger, the fourth of five siblings of the Salinger family and an ill-tempered child music prodigy. The other siblings were portrayed by Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox, Jacob Smith, and Neve Campbell. The story of the series revolved around the Salinger siblings, struggling to keep their family restaurant running while learning to take care of each other after their parents’ passing.

The Hope of a Reunion

According to Lacey Chabert, getting recognized as Claudia Salinger is as rewarding as ever for her, even over two decades after the end of the show. She thinks of it as a compliment when people still enjoy and love the show and resonate with it, while bringing it up or mentioning it to her, after all this time. With whole-hearted enthusiasm, Chabert revealed that she would be “100 percent there,” if ever a Party of Five reunion happens, as she would like to know the journey of Claudia and what she is doing now in her life. The actress also noted that spending six years of her life on the show was a unique experience for her, and the other cast members are like a real-life family to her. She also thanked the forever bond and connection made with that wonderful group of people, for making her what she is today.